Yeargh. Still alive.

Ok, it’s a new year. I haven’t posted shit in ages. Why? Because …I haven’t done anything. Surprise! =D

Sad truth is, I’m still playing WoW, working full time, and doing school in my spare time as a hobby. So, between all of that, I sort of read comics, and… think about artsy stuff. That’s right. I only think about it. I think “Hey, I should work on that drawing… …Oh, wait. Nevermind. That requires me to open Photoshop… Well, WoW’s open already. Guess I’ll keep doing that!”

That’s not EXACTLY how it goes, but it’s close enough. I have worked on cleaning up the Ophelia drawing some, and I’m about… 40% done on the line work. No real ETA on that.

I wish I had more boring, less addictive hobbies. I also wish Frappuccino didn’t leave some god-awful after -taste in my mouth. Seriously.

So, I’d post what I’ve got done just so I can show you (me–since I’m the only one reading this, and only as a proofread before posting) that I can draw lips that don’t look completely wrong and horrible!

In other news, Christmas was kinda boring, but good since I did get Transformers: Animated Ultra Magnus. It’s what I asked for, and it’s what I got. Can’t complain! However, I can complain about how bad the economic times are that random, homeless people who are probably on drugs think it’s ok to hang out where I work because it’s open 24/7. Let me tell you–it’s fucking stressful to know someone is there for the hell of it because it’s cold outside, and not because they want anything. I normally ask them to leave after a while, and they’re on their way, and it’s all good. But the dude I asked to leave last night was fucking out of his god damn mind. Listening to him mummble to himself when he thought no one was listening was kind of frightening–mainly because I couldn’t make out what he was saying, but I’m pretty sure I heard something about cutting off arms and legs, and then some random something about a penis. All I know is, if the guy shows up again tonight, I’m calling the cops. Fucking loiterers.

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