FansProject Crossfire – Bruticus Add-On Sets: Munitioner and Explorer

This toy is awesome. If you have the Return of the Fallen Bruticus then you HAVE to get these add-ons. No, really. You have to. If you don’t have it, you might even owe it to yourself to buy a Bruticus and get these anyway. Of course, even without the original Bruticus it’s still worth it just because FansProject did such an amazing job on Munitioner and Explorer. Now, to avoid infringement they were called this. Munitioner is supposed to be Swindle, and Explorer is Blast-Off.

It’s way bigger than the Superion Add-on that came out last year. Head-to-head, I’d sat there’s about an 1.5 inches difference in them. If we’re talking about the whole figure there’s a huge difference due to the cannon on Bruticus’ back. It also seems way more poseable and versatile than Superion. Of course, that makes sense since this add-on kit costs $100 (between the Munitioner and Explorer) opposed to Superion’s $50. Even the hands on Bruticus are poseable. Each individual finger has joints.

It comes with an arsenal of weapons. Each individual figure gets heavily armed. And pretty much all of these weapons fit into the alt modes, as well as the combined mode in some way. It’s pretty ingenious how they did it.

Perhaps the only drawback of these figures is the fact that individually they’re so much better than the Hasbro ones that it makes you kind of wish that FansProject had redone all of the figures–Price be damned.

Cutting this review a little short, but once again, FansProject has made a topnotch add-on set that certainly doesn’t disappoint in the least.


  • Great upgrade set to make Bruticus into an amazing awe-inspiring G1 tribute figure.
  • The individual figures made by FansProject are better than the Hasbro ones.


  • Cost. $50 per piece ($100 total)
  • Getting a Bruticus set in the after-market is expensive.

3 Responses to “FansProject Crossfire – Bruticus Add-On Sets: Munitioner and Explorer”

  1. tsanko Says:

    Wonderful ..thanks a lot for posting a good informitive blog

  2. Colbey Says:

    I love the new look of the blog. The slideshow is also a great idea!

    I’ve been sitting on this set now for about a year. I can’t believe I’ve resisted opening them! Once my new “man cave” is set these guys will finally be freed from their cardboard prison! Great pics.

  3. Vitamin Zinc Says:

    Wow, can’t believe you kept them in the box this long. Kudos for resisting the temptation. =P

    They really are amazing pieces, though. Comparing it to the original set is very surprising just to see how much work Fansproject put into improving it.

    Also, thanks for reading. Always nice to hear some feedback. I’ve got a handful of other reviews I’ve been slacking on because of prop work. I hope to have some posts on that done too, hopefully.