The Semester is Dead–Long Live the Semester!

So, the semester ends in about a week and a half. That means I have to deal with the fun of finals. Being in computer technology stuff makes me sad, because they actually have finals. Back when I was in graphic design it was final projects. I could spend a week putting together the most slap-dash POS and still get at least a B. With networking, I have to kind of try because it’s all stuff I should remember. My problem is that if I’m not actively using this information over and over, then it’s forgotten. So, do I remember anything about Cisco routers for my exam? Not particularly–but that’s not what worries me. My issue is subnetting a virtual network and getting everything functioning for 20% of my grade.

And once that’s all done, I get to turn around and go back a month later to another semester. This semester may be more fun, though. I’m in a network security class that has us doing ‘war games’. We try to hack the other teams’ while we defend our networks from them. Sounds excellent. And might I say, it sounds like a fitting end to college for now since after this next semester I’ll have my Network Admin degree. And then I’ll be doubly overqualified for what I do. Wooo.

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