Revoltech Trigun, Vash & Wolfwood Review

Posted in reveiw, Revoltech, stampede, toy, Toy Reviews, trigun, vash, wolfwood on September 22nd, 2010 by VitaminZinc

I actually have quite a few Revoltechs left to review–if I do them one at a time. But I had this great idea to do them in duos because it works out great that way, and I can have slightly longer reviews that are less repetitive that way. So, first up is Vash the Stampede and Nicholas Wolfwood from Trigun fame.

Hearing these two figures were getting updates from their original Kaiyodo releases made me extremely happy. I really liked the Kaiyodo figures (Kaiyodo actually makes Revoltechs, but that’s beside the point), and actually have all of the original version of the figures. BUT they weren’t exactly ideal. For one, Vash had NO mobility in his legs. Yikes. Wolfwood was a great figure, but hey… if they’re remaking Vash they might as well redo Wolfwood and make some cash, right? Well, that’s how I figure they were thinking. Worked out great, imo.

These two are amazing! Super posable, and come with awesome accessories. The bases that they have to stabilize them looks like a puff of dust coming from the ground. It makes it very unnoticeable. And they come with fire effects for the gun. So, it looks like they’re mid gun battle with whatever pose you choose. It really makes the figures pop aesthetically.

They cost me about $33 a piece, so it’s a bit on the high side for the average consumer, but on the reasonable side for Revoltechs.

My only problem with them is perhaps Wolfwood. His cross is a heavy accessory, and it took me quite a long time to find an action pose to put him in that he could stay in for longer than 10 minutes. Sadly, the one I took pictures of is not that pose. He also comes with cigarettes, so you can pose him killing his lungs (not like it really matters, though, right? RIGHT?!)

Vash is pretty accurate with his accessories. He comes with a folded out gun arm that you can switch out with his normal one. And he has his “peace” fingers, so you can put him in his crazy-“love and peace~!” poses.

Not really a lot more to say about these guys. I had a ton of fun playing around with their various accessories and putting them into fun action poses. They’re a great addition to my collection-o’-shit, and my pile-o’-debt. =P


  • Very poseable.
  • Accurate representations.
  • Good accessories.


  • Weight of Wolfwood’s cross.
  • Price, maybe.