School Books & Motivation

So, my classes start in a few weeks and I decided to check and see what books I need. I can usually get them pretty cheap off Amazon–well, I used to–as a design student. Design books are pretty cheap, cause anyone can design, I guess. My networking books for this semester, by bookstore prices, would be around $350. That… is a lot of money to pay for books. It makes me sad in the wallet. I don’t mind paying for stuff, but damn, this stuff is expensive. So, I’ve decided to scour eBay in hopes of picking up some of the costlier books at a bargain price. Normally, I’m not one to do that for books–but at near $100 a piece for these books, I can’t afford that and my expensive nerd habits! I could ask my grandma for some money for the books–and she’d gladly give it to me to further my education, but that just seems wrong at this point. I have a full-time job and waste so much money that I could have saved. So I’m getting my books myself.

In other news, like I always do after updating my site–I wanted to post some artsy stuff. So, in order to post that kind of stuff, I’d need to have something new to post! I couldn’t think of a damn thing I wanted to draw. I sat here, looking for inspiration, and thought of nothing at all.

Although, my interest in nerd props has risen again. The last few weeks, I’ve been looking over stuff on how to make molds and replicating stuff like that. It’s pretty interesting stuff, and there’s way more that goes into it than I had previously thought about. It’s also way more expensive to get into than I thought. I’ve considered a few different ways of going about this–one is wooden props. But I wasn’t sure how the time vs. product thing would pan out. Plaster doesn’t seem that durable, and if I’m making props for people, I want them to last. I want them to take a beating. I’m a big fan of moving pieces, and exactness, so it’s kind of hard to think of a way to make a replica of something come out as nice as possible without a tradeoff of time. But then I start wondering… What if no one wants it? Wouldn’t that suck if I spent weeks or months working on a Wolfwood ‘Punisher’ Cross (from Trigun, ya know?) and no one was willing to pay what I wanted out of it? I guess the only way to find out is to start off small and see how it goes from there.

In other news, I’ve been playing Wii Fit everyday that I’m able for at least 30-minutes a day. I haven’t seen any real results yet, but I do feel a little better. That may just be because I stopped chugging down the caffeine everyday. Meh–we’ll see.

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