I’ve seriously got nothing new to talk about here. I haven’t drawn anything. I’ve finished my workbench. That’s about it. Oh, and I put up some shelves the other day.

Recent obsession of collection is Transformers. Not the old ones, cause I can’t afford those. I’ve been getting the newer ones, which are still ridiculously expensive. I think it all started when I saw good ol’ City Commander Ultra Magnus. I had no intent on getting caught up on toys again after I finished getting through a GI Joe phase. But, damn… come on. This toy looks amazing! So, naturally, I checked into it. Apparently, you need to have Classics Ultra Magnus, which was a repaint of Optimus Prime, and was exclusive to Target. I thought to myself, “Hey… I saw these all over the place. No one wanted that crap…”

And, no one did–until Fansprojects made this add-on trailer. Now, Ultra Magnus goes for $40+. The toy itself is freakin’ gorgeous when you get this add-on. I have to give them props for making something that should have come with the figure to begin with. Even at $90, I feel like it’s completely worth it. The only downside being, you need to have Ultra Magnus (or one of the other Optimus Prime molds) for this to work. There are various armors available. They have one for Prime, and it’s in red and blue. One for Nemesis Prime, that’s grey and black, and green-ish. And then this one, which is the original.. for Ultra Magnus. I’ve seen pictures of people who have all three of them, but to me that just seems like a waste to triple-dip on the same figure.

BBTS.com is having an anniversary sale on anything that’s not a pre-order, or new. The ‘Powered Commander’ armor is on sale for $100, which is a good price. BUT, after looking at various reviews on youtube, it just doesn’t look as good. None of them look as good as the City Commander armor. So, grats to me, I just saved $100.

Now, they just need to come out with Rodimus’ Protect armor, and Springer. I think the guys at fansprojects enjoy teasing Transformer fans with info way before these things ever come out.

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