Mario Block Box

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I had the idea of making a gift for someone. This person hasn’t seriously played a game since the days of the N64, but is really into retro things. While my mind ran through ideas of games to make something from, I thought of different icons from retro games. While some ideas were great, they would have required much more time than I had. Finally, I settled on the idea of a Mario Block. But, that’s boring, so I thought– Hey, I can make it a box to store things in. Awesome, and functional. Woo

The first task was the decide how to construct this box. I decided on corner trim from Lowe’s. It was already in the right shape ( L-shaped) so I just had to miter-cut the pieces to the correct length and angle to make them fit together. I then glued the panels in place. Voila! A box!

Inside the box.

Primed the box and sanded it down a bit for paint application.

Painted yellow with gloss enamel paint from Lowe’s.

The question marks were cast from one question mark that I cut from styrene and glued together to give a 3D effect.

The box, sitting in my workshop, drying with some clear-coat polyurethane. 

 The lid. Each side of the cube has 4 1cm squares cut, painted, and glued to the surface.

 A plush mushroom inside. Surprise!

The completed box!

Where did all my time go?

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I have all of these pictures taken and ready for stuff to be reviewed. I’ve just lacked the will to do so for the last… year or so. Feels bad, man. I’m going to try and fix that in the coming weeks, though. I have a pile-o-loot coming from BBTS which includes much of the Not-Devastator Third-Party set, as well as the latest Armor-Plus Ronin Warrior figure, Rowen. He was my favorite character, so I’m really looking forward to getting my hands on it.

Oh, and I’ll have some prop pictures up soon. Working on two awesome pieces that I’m doing as gifts. And sadly, I’m still not done with the gift I wanted to give to a friend last year. I’m still working on perfecting it. Ugh. Either way, this blog will have props soon enough! Yeargh!