So… We meet again…

Posted in Random Rants on April 9th, 2009 by VitaminZinc

I started playing Warcraft again. Blaaarrrghhhh. I was actually doing kinda well with not playing it at all. But then I kinda got the flu. And my options were to lay in bed and sleep all damn day, or prop my head up with my arm and mindlessly click away. Granted, this was a few weeks back now. So I’ve been back in the fray of WoW for far too long. And the sad thing is, I’ve nothing better to do at all. It’s either watch Battlestar Galactica and play WoW, or do something constructive. Usually WoW wins.

But, on the rare occassion I want to be creative, I kind of end up playing with Legos. That’s right, my collecting obsession has led me to a very old, very distant friend. I never got a whole lot of Legos cause I was more into action figures–not to mention Legos have always cost an arm and a leg. But, when I was smooth enough to get my parents to get Legos, they were the awesome, huge sets that could be used for any myriad of different creations. Anyway, point being–after pulling out the Legos to sort through them, I felt the need to buy a new set. All’s well and good, cause, ya know, I buy a set like… once a year, just for kicks. Well, this time when I bought one, it made me want to buy another. And that’s when I realized I had no addicition at the time. I wasn’t playing WoW, I wasn’t throwing money at DVDs, and I wasn’t saving for anything except bills. So, I think that’s when my brain decided it was time to buy Legos.

The good news is, at least they’re somewhat more useful than an action figure. I guess I should get back to working on my portfolio sometime. Blah. Of course, I do have 4 days off in a row–every week. So, even being a complete slacker, I should be able to slowly but surely make some things. Or something.